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‘Skin Graft

August 5, 2015

The festering controversy about the name of Washington’s NFL franchise is not really about using an ethnic slur to identify a gang of warrior-athletes. Most people accept that naming a football team The Redskins was not intended to demean Native Americans, but as a compliment to their tactical skills, stamina, and ferocity.

When the team began in 1932, Americans, native and immigrant, had no idea they were adding insult to the injuries done to the original inhabitants of North America. Now those who see a slur want the team renamed; those who don’t want nothing to change. A Mexican standoff? No, and not a Latino or Hispanic one, either, lest one strike an exposed nerve somewhere. Gridlock, then—a Washington specialty.

The trouble is that this paralysis has begun to manifest itself on the field, where the players drag around the gridiron like eleven Atlases bearing the weight of the world on their pads. (more…)

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Publishers Weekly
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London Daily Telegraph

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